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Previous Activities

Project on the status of older persons in ECE countries

The main objectives of this project were:

  • to assemble a set of cross-nationally comparable micro-data samples based on the 1990 - round national population and housing censuses in countries of Europe and North America,
  • and to use these samples for studying the social and economic conditions of older persons

Access micro-data through Integrated Public Use Microdata Series(IPUMS)

Standard Tables


Conference on the Status of the Older Population, Sion 1999

Workshops on issues related to population ageing

Two workshops were co-organized by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) and the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP).

Meetings of authors of country monographs

Census microdata workshop

Survey of Ageing Research in the UNECE Region

These surveys were carried out by the UNECE Population Unit in collaboration with the United States National Institute on Aging. The objectives were:

  • to take stock of ageing research in the ECE countries;
  • to identify innovative research strategies and high-quality survey instruments that can be used throughout the region in future research;
  • to find out what type of cross-national ageing research should be initiated in Europe during the coming years;

The first such survey was carried out in 1995/96.  It went through two waves. The goal of the first wave was to take stock of a wide range of ageing-related research.

1995/96 survey

It covered over 300 projects from about 150 institutions and individuals. About 50 of these projects were selected for the second wave of the survey, the goal of which was to compile more detailed information on large scale, nationally representative research efforts, particularly those involving primary data collection with high-quality survey instruments. Results of the second wave were published in a report that summarizes the survey's major findings.

Ageing Research in Europe: Demographic, Social and Behavioural Aspects By Emily Agree and George Myers

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