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UNECE Regional Advisory Services Transport

Implementing Division

Regional Adviser

Transport Division

Mr. Nenad Nikolic,
Regional Adviser on Transport

UNECE technical assistance in the field of transport funded from the Regular Programme of Technical Cooperation (RPTC) aims at improving national capacity of countries, particularly those with economies in transition, in acceding to and implementing of ECE legal instruments, norms and standards as well as in promoting cooperation among countries in planning and developing coherent road, rail, inland waterway and combined transport infrastructure.

In particular, regional advisory activities are focused on: (a) providing advisory services as well as strategic guidance and administrative backstopping of technical cooperation projects aimed at assisting member States with economies in transition in developing coherent pan-European transport networks, corridors and areas, and Euro-Asian transport links; (b) capacity-building projects, workshops, seminars and training courses aimed at assisting recipient countries in accession to and implementation of ECE legal instruments, norms and standards, transferring of know-how and sharing best practices as well as implementing global commitments on transport; and (c) providing support to transport initiatives and projects carried out by subregional groupings.

The RPTC-related technical cooperation services are provided by the Regional Adviser on Transport in cooperation with the Transport Division. These activities are demand-driven, results oriented and concentrated on countries with economies in transition of Eastern and Southeast Europe as well as the Caucasus and Central Asia.

Brief information about the objective, expected accomplishments, indicators of achievement and summary of outputs, related to ECE Regional Advisory Services on Transport in 2014-2015 can be accessed here.