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Technical Cooperation Portfolio

UNECE project portfolio comprises technical cooperation projects in such areas as environment, energy, transport, trade, statistics, gender mainstreaming, etc. UNECE technical cooperation focuses on projects that support subregional and regional integration, contribute to resolving multisectoral and/or transboundary problems, and aim at achieving long-term impact and sustainability.

Depending on the area and goals of a technical cooperation project, the implementation activities are carried out either by regular staff, or Regional Advisers, or both and include the organization of study tours or missions of a technical nature, capacity-building workshops, meetings of experts, etc.

In terms of funding, UNECE technical cooperation projects are financed from:

  • Regular UN budget (including UNDA and RPTC)
  • Extra-budgetary resources

In recent years, UNECE has been increasingly involved in the implementation of projects funded from the UN Development Account. These joint projects, focused on capacity building in the areas of trade facilitation and integration, environment protection, clean energy, development of interregional transport linkages, statistics, etc., help to promote more systemic approaches to resolving specific development problems of beneficiary countries and strengthen complementarity of action among the UN regional commissions.