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Reasons for undertaking the project: In 2012 the UNECE Committee on Housing and Land Management included the “Smart City” as part of its programme of work. Thus, from an internal point of view the Smart City concept represents one of the priority topics for UNECE member states and bridges collaboration among UNECE divisions and its partners. From an external point of view, it reflects the interests of multiple stakeholders, including municipalities, regions and private sector partners. Furthermore, since the concept is quite well developed in Western Europe and USA and not easily applicable in transition countries, the project would allow us to verify its applicability to transition and developing countries.

Main stakeholders: The main stakeholders identified for this project are represented in the graph below.


Main activities: With our project we want to implement the following initiatives:

  • Promote energy-efficient and health-friendly ways of working and building
  • Improve urban resilience to changes in environment and demographics
  • Encourage compact and effective city planning
  • Open new markets for sustainable products and services
  • Implement Smart Grid Systems
  • Make public transportation greener and traffic flows smartly organized
  • Plan and build for an ageing society
  • Integrate information and communication technologies in the urban environment

Events in programme: In order to raise awareness about our programme and engage stakeholders towards the vision of our project, we have planned the following events to take place in the coming two years (2014-15).

We scheduled four UNECE national trainings on housing and spatial planning, including natural disaster risks management (in cooperation with PEP, ISDR) to take place on:

     -         18 September 2014, Yerevan, Armenia

     -         21-22 October 2014, Belgrade, Serbia

     -         26-27 November 2014, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova

     -         4-5 November 2014, Dushanbe, Tajikistan

Possible additional meetings can be held on:

     -         11-12 June 2014, Tashkent

     -         May 2015, Minsk, Belarus