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List of Press Releases - 2016-3

Albania, Estonia and the United Kingdom push the sustainable housing agenda through the establishment of Geneva UN Charter Centres (13 September 2016)

The 2008 global financial and economic crisis underscored the vital role that stable and transparent housing markets play in a country’s economy. As a result of the crisis, some countries have experienced disturbing imbalances in their housing markets with foreclosures, homelessness, excess ...
Shaping smarter and more sustainable cities: UNECE and ITU launch the United for Smart Sustainable Cities global initiative (19 May 2016)

Information and communication technologies (ICTs) are key to achieve the urban climate targets of lowering energy use and GHG emissions while boosting socio-economic growth.  Many cities around the world already claim to be “smart and sustainable”, but statistics and studies, show that ...
UNECE and UN-Habitat to launch pilot projects on monitoring the SDGs in Albania, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan and Ukraine (16 March 2016)

Developing a system to monitor the SDGs in different areas will be key to measure progress and ensure that targets can be met. In order to strengthen member States’ capacities for the development of evidence-based policies for sustainable housing and urban development, UNECE and UN-Habitat are ...