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List of Press Releases - 2017-3

Certification at the centre of debates as UNECE and FAO celebrate 70 years of cooperation on forests (06 September 2017)

Eighty-five per cent of the world’s forests certified as sustainably managed are located within the 56 countries of the UNECE region, which includes Europe, Eastern Europe, the Caucasus, Central Asia, the United States and Canada. Today, this region contains 42 per cent of the world’s forests ...
Diversification, new technologies to lead the way to green jobs in forest sector (27 June 2017)

The future of “green jobs” in the forest sector is the focus of an international workshop opening today in Bratislava, Slovak Republic. Nearly 70 participants from 18 European countries – representing the UN system, the European Commission, government Ministries and organizations, ...
Women can climb trees too! (07 March 2017)

Traditionally forestry and forest-related jobs have always been in the domain of men. This is no longer the case. Women have been entering the work force for some time carrying out what is typically known as “a man’s job” and the share of women working in the forest and owning forests is ...