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EIA/IC/CI/5 United Kingdom

Information on matters considered by the Committee

Committee initiative on the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (EIA/IC/CI/5)

At its twenty-eighth session (10-12 September 2013), the Committee began its consideration of the information provided by a German Member of the Parliament and the Irish NGO Friends of the Irish Environment, on 12 March and 27 March 2013, respectively, regarding the planned construction of NPP Hinkley Point C by the United Kingdom (EIA/IC/INFO/12). It asked the Chair to invite the Government of the United Kingdom to clarify certain issues regarding the carrying out of transboundary procedures; and also the Governments of Germany and Ireland to address some questions in that regard.

The Committee further considered the information received at its twenty-ninth session (10-12 December 2013). It then decided to also seek information from the Governments of Belgium, Denmark, France, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal and Spain. Additional information was sought from the Government of the United Kingdom.

At its thirtieth session (25-27 February 2014), having considered the information gathered, the Committee decided to begin a Committee initiative further to paragraph 6 of the Committee's structure and functions. In line with paragraph 9 of the Committee's structure and functions, the Committee decided to invite the United Kingdom to its thirty-second session (9-11 December 2014) to participate in the discussion and to present information and opinions on the matter under consideration.

Report of the twenty-eighth session of the Implementation Committee
(ECE/MP.EIA/IC/2013/4) (advance copy)





Report of the twenty-ninth session of the Implementation Committee
(ECE/MP.EIA/IC/2013/6) (advance copy)


Report of the thirtieth session of the Implementation Committee
(ECE/MP.EIA/IC/2014/2) (advance unedited copy)


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