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Greening the Economy in the pan-European region

Greening the economy is promoted under the Environment for Europe ministerial process. Specifically, at their Astana Conference in 2011 and Batumi Conference in 2016, Ministers considered greening the economy as one of the two main themes. Main outcomes related to green economy include:

  • Endorsement by Ministers of the voluntary Pan-European Strategic Framework for Greening the Economy (En / Fr / Ru) –– a tool supporting countries’ efforts in transitioning to green economy and, at the same time, contributing to the implementation of the SDGs –– that was developed and adopted by the UNECE Committee on Environmental Policy, with support from UNECE and UNEP and in consultation with other partner organizations.    The  Strategic  Framework  is  expected  to  serve  environment  ministers  in  initiating and  sustaining  discussions  on  the  green  economy  transition  in  their  national  Governments and,  ultimately,  in  creating  an  interministerial  policy  process  to  bring  forward  such  an agenda involving key constituencies, including the public at large and the private sector.
  • Launching the Batumi Initiative on Green Economy (BIG-E) that consists of voluntary commitments to operationalize the Strategic Framework until 2030. Encouraging  countries  and  other  stakeholders  to  implement commitments under  the  BIG-E in  order to  facilitate  the  transition  to  a  green  economy,  and  to  report  on progress  thereon  to  the  Committee  on  Environmental  Policy  in  accordance  with  the Strategic   Framework. Promotion of the BIG-E   through   existing knowledge-sharing platforms, such as the  Green Growth Knowledge  Platform.     
  • Commending the good cooperation between UNECE and UNEP, and inviting the two organizations, in cooperation with other relevant international organizations, to support countries in their efforts to green their economies and achieve sustainable development.