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PRTR Cost Model

The PRTR Cost Model  is a tool to assess the cost involved in the implementation of the Protocol on Pollutant Release and Transfer Registers (Protocol on PRTRs) to the Convention on Access to Information, Public Participation in Decision-making and Access to Justice in Environmental Matters (AarhusConvention). The cost model enables the development of detailed estimates of the magnitude of costs of monitoring emissions (releases) of substances, contained in the annex to the Protocol, to different environmental media (air, water and land) in order to assist Parties to the Protocol with its implementation. The cost model files are available in the table below:

Document TitleENGFRERUS
Note on a cost model for the establishment of Pollutant Release and Transfer Registers(ECE/MP.PRTR/WG.1/2011/3)PDFPDFPDF
Cost guide for the implementation of the PRTR ProtocolPDF-PDF
Analysis of the costs and benefits of PRTRsPDF


General study on costs and benefitsPDF
Cost model structurePDF--
Cost model logic diagram 1-PDF-
Cost model logic diagram 2-PDF-
Cost model logic diagram 3-PDF-
PRTR implementation cost analysisPDF--

Explanation of cost model spreadsheets


Annex - Structure and explanation of theoretical cost model



PRTR cost model questionnairesPDF--

Activities listed by the PRTR Protocol



1. Mapping pollutants to activities_EPER and Aarhus guidance information


2. Pollutants_media Aarhus (m vesctors)XLS--
3. MEA and nationals PRTRXLS--
4. Numbers of facilitiesXLS--
5. Facility_1XLS--
6.1 Intermediary file_airXLS--
6.1 Material costs_airXLS--
6.2 Intermediary file_waterXLS--
6.2 Material costs_waterXLS--
6.3 Material costs_landXLS--
6.3 Intermediary file_landXLS--
6.4 Intermediary file_waterwasteXLS--
6.4 Materials costs_waterwasteXLS--
6.5 Intermediary file_pollutantwasteXLS--
6.5 Material costs_pollutantwasteXLS--
6.6 Intermediary file_hazardouswasteXLS--
6.6 Material costs_hazardouswasteXLS--
6.7 Intermediary file_non-hazardouswasteXLS--
6.7 Material costs_non-hazardouswasteXLS--
7 AnnexXLS--
7 Annex_2XLS--
7 Annex_3XLS--
7 Facility_2XLS--
8 AnnexXLS--
8 Facility_3XLS--
9 RegulatorXLS--
UNIGE inputsXLS--
Aarhus study MCEXLS--
Aarhus study national PRTRsXLS--
Aarhus study pollutants_activitiesXLS--
GMI mapping of compounds to techniquesXLS--
GMI mapping of pollutants to activitiesXLS--
Presentation of outputsXLS--
Total costsXLS--
Engineering questionnaireDOC--
Questionnaire_company XLS--