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Second meeting of the Working Group of the Parties to the Protocol on PRTRs

20 - 21 November 2012

Geneva, Switzerland

The second meeting of the Working Group of the Parties to the Protocol on Pollutant Release and Transfer Registers was held on 20-21 November 2012 (Palais des Nations, Salle VII). The Working Group reviewed a number of issues, including the progress in implementing the Protocol's work programme and the global promotion of the Protocol. The Working Group of the Parties also discussed capacity building activities and technical assistance on the basis of survey results. Furthermore, the Working Group considered substantive and practical preparations for the Protocol's second session of the Meeting of the Parties.

Documents for the meeting, statements made during the meeting, and the meeting report are being uploaded on this webpage as they become available. A UNECE Weekly article describing the meeting is available here.

Provisional AgendaPDFPDF PDF
Organisation of Work (PRTR/WG.1/2012/Inf.4)PDF  
Decisions and Major Outcomes as adopted by the Working Group at its second meeting

Report on the subregional workshop “Get Your Right
to a Healthy Community” held in Minsk

Technical assistance and resources
Results of surveys on Protocol on Pollutant Release and Transfer Registers

Report on implementation of the work programme of the Protocol on
Pollutant Release and Transfer Registers

Draft proposal on elements of the work programme for 2014-2017
Draft proposal on the preparation of the strategic plan for 2015–2020
Financial arrangements under the Protocol (PRTR/WG.1/2012/Inf.3)PDFPDF 
Activities for promotion of the Protocol on PRTRs in countries in Eastern Europe
the Caucasus and Central Asia (PRTR/WG.1/2012/Inf.2)
Joint global round table on PRTRs (PRTR/WG.1/2012/Inf.1)PDF  
Note-bilateral session (PRTR/WG.1/2012/Inf.5)PDF


List of ParticipantsPDF
Statements and presentationsENGFRERUS
European Union, Item 4                                                                                            PDFPDFPDF
European Union, Item 6PDFPDFPDF
European Union, Item 7PDFPDFPDF
European Union, Item 8PDFPDFPDF
European Union, Item 8PDFPDFPDF
Ministry of Environmental Protection, China, Item 4cPDFPDFPDF
Ministry of Environment, Chile, Item 4cPDFPDFPDF
United Nations Institute for Training and Research, Item 4bPPT