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First meeting of the Task Force on Public Participation in Decision-making

25 - 26 October 2010

Geneva, Switzerland

At its first meeting, the Task Force continued the work of the Expert Group with regard to the exchange of information and good practices. The Task Force also agreed on its work for the period up to the fourth session of the Meeting of the Parties, scheduled to take place in Chisinau from 15-17 June 2011, and developed a proposal for its work plan for the period 2011-2014 (up to the fifth session of the MoP), subject to approval by the Meeting of the Parties at its fourth session.

Document Title ENG FRE RUS
Provisional agenda PDF - -
Draft template for good practices in public participation in decision-making PDF - -
Challenges in implementing public participation in decision-making PDF - -
Draft work plan 2011-2014 PDF - -
Draft list of recommendations on public participation in decision-making PDF - -
List of decisions and outcomes of the first meeting PDF    
Registration form DOC - -
List of Participants PDF - -
Document Title ENG FRE RUS
Mr. I. Trombitsky - Public participation in decision-making from a parliamentary perspective PPT - -
Mr. I. Trombitsky - Concept resolution on cooperation between parliament and civil society DOC - DOC
Mr. I. Trombitsky - Concept law on transparency in decision-making DOC - DOC
Mr. M. Ewing - Public participation in environmental decision-making PPT - -
Mr. J. Foti - Including the poor in decision-making PPT - -
Ms. P. Hyam - Innovative forms and tools for public participation PPT - -
Ms. T. Malkova - Innovative approaches for involving the public PPT - -
Mr. V. Garaba - Building NGO capacity at a national level PPT - PPT
Ms. M. Silina - Strengthening civil society in the UNECE region PPT - -
ANCCLI - Cooperation with the Aarhus and Nuclear initiative PPT PPT -
Mr. T. Juszczak - Public participation under the Water and Health Protocol PPT - -
Mr. N. Bonvoisin - Public participation under the Espoo Convention and SEA Protocol PPT - -