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ACCC/C/2014/111 Belgium

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Communication ENG FRE (since superseded by re-submitted communication - see below)

From the communicant12.05.2014
Annex 1From the communicant12.05.2014
Annex 2From the communicant12.05.2014
Annex 3From the communicant12.05.2014
Letter to communicantFrom the secretariat21.08.2014

Re-submitted communication and reply to Compliance Committee's questions ENG FRE

Annex 1: First Communication to the Compliance Committee, 12 May 2014
Annex 2: Judgment of the Court of Appeal of Liège of 29 October 2013
Annex 3: Reply from the Secretariat of the Aarhus Convention Compliance Committee
Annex 4: Extract from the accounts of the non-profit association Ardennes liégeoises for 2012
Annex 5: Extract from the accounts of the non-profit association Terre wallonne for 2011 and 2013
Annex 6: E-mail of 19 December 2012
Annex 7: Summary Report on the Administrative Appeal (p.48)
Annex 8: Proposal for a Ministerial Decree drafted by civil servants of the Walloon Government
Annex 9: Judgment of the Verviers Court of First Instance of 17 November 2011
Annex 10: Judgment of the Court of Appeal of Liège of 29 October 2013 in Case 2012/RG/1067 Carrières de Préalle SPRL v Albert Dubois and Sonia Jacot
Annex 11: Judgment of the Court of Appeal of Liège of 14 June 2013 in Case 2012/RG/1021 Association du Val d’Amblève, Lienne et Affluents, Ardennes liégeoises ASBL and Grappe ASBL v Walloon Region
Annex 12: E-mail from Accounts Officer of the non-profit association Terre wallonne, indicating the account balance on 28 July 2014.

From the communicant08.09.2014
Letter to communicantFrom the secretariat19.11.2014

Communicants' reply to Committee's questions FRE ENG

Annex 1: Cass. (1st Chamber), 13 February 2004 (summary) FRE
Annex 2: Article 1017 et seq. of the Judicial Code regarding expenses and costs FRE
Annex 3: Summary of various judicial decisions regarding expenses and costs FRE
Annex 4: FPS Economy press release of 1 December 2014 on Belgian average income in 2012 FRE

From the communicant12.12.2014
Letter to communicant enclosing preliminary determination of admissibilityFrom the secretariat05.06.2015
Letter to Party concerned forwarding communication for its responseFrom the secretariat05.06.2015
Letter enclosing response to communication FRE ENG From the Party concerned04.11.2015 (dated 29.10.2015)
Letters inviting Party concerned and communicants to hearing at Committee's 53rd meetingFrom the secretariat19.05.2016
Opening statement for hearing at Committee's 53rd meeting FRE ENGFrom the Party concerned23.06.2016
Letter enclosing Order of the Constitutional Court no. 61/2016 of 28 April 2016 FREFrom the communicant28.09.2016
LetterFrom the Party concerned08.12.2016
Letter to the parties enclosing questions from the CommitteeFrom the secretariat09.12.2016
Reply to questions from the Committee including annexes FRE From the communicant13.01.2017

Reply to Committee's questions

Annex 1: Program of training for judges, 22 and 27 January 2015

From the Party concerned13.01.2017
Comments on communicant's reply to Committee's questions FREFrom the Party concerned20.01.2017
Draft findings and letter to the parties inviting their commentsFrom the secretariat26.05.2017

Comments on the draft findings

Annex 1: Constitutional Court judgement no. 13/2017 of 09.02.2017 FRE

Annex 2: Consitutional Court judgement no. 143/2016 of 17.11.2016 FRE

From an observer (Prof. Dr. Luc Lavrysen)31.05.2017
Comments on the draft findings FREFrom the communicant12.06.2017
Findings ENG FRE RUS18.06.2017