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ACCC/C/2013/90 United Kingdom

DocumentStatusDate received or posted by the secretariat
Determination on admissibility27.09.2013

and annexures

From the communicant04.06.2013

Additional information
Attachment: Letter from Northern Ireland Environment Agency

From the communicant30.08.2013
Letter to the Party concerned forwarding the communicationFrom the secretariat16.12.2013
Letter to the communicantFrom the secretariat16.12.2013
Letter from the communicantFrom the communicant22.02.2014
Email message from the communicantFrom the communicant12.12.2014
Letter to Party concerned forwarding communication for Party concerned's response From the secretariat29.06.2015

Response to communication

Annex 1 : Judgment in River Faughan Anglers

Annex 2 : Correspondence on  costs

Annex 3 : Summary of correspondence

Annex 4 : Summary of correspondence

Annex 5 : Copies of correspondence

Annex 6 : Planning order

Annex 7: Planning portal information

From the Party concerned27.11.2015
Comments on the Party concerned responseFrom the communicant09.12.2015
Email message
Annex 1:Response to request for information from Department of the Environment
Annex 2: Appeal to Department of the Environment against the failure to provide information on request
From the communicant08.03.2016
Letter to the communicant with questions from the Committee From the secretariat27.09.2016
Email to the communicantFrom the secretariat25.11.2016
EmailFrom the communicant28.11.2016
LetterFrom the Party concerned02.12.2016

Email replying to Party concerned's letter

Annex: Letter of Northern Ireland Environment Agency

From the communicant06.12.2016

Reply to questions from the Committee

Annex 1: Photograph TAB RFA1
Annex 2: Photograph TAB RFA2 (6808)
Annex 3: Photograph TAB RFA2 (27412-1)
Annex 4: Photograph TAB RFA2 (2742012-2)
Annex 5: Photograph TAB RFA3 (6808)
Annex 6: Overlap map TAB RFA4

From the communicant16.02.2017
Email enclosing letter of the communicant's counsel, dated 11 February 2017From the communicant23.03.2017