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ACCC/C/2013/90 United Kingdom

DocumentStatusDate received or posted by the secretariat
Determination on admissibility27.09.2013

and annexes

From the communicant04.06.2013

Additional information
Attachment: Letter from Northern Ireland Environment Agency

From the communicant30.08.2013
Letter to the Party concerned forwarding the communicationFrom the secretariat16.12.2013
Letter to the communicantFrom the secretariat16.12.2013
From the communicant22.02.2014

Email update

Annex 1: Judgement of the High Court

Annex 2: Cost Order

From the communicant21.09.2014

Email with comments on the judgement

From the communicant12.12.2014
Letter to Party concerned forwarding communication for Party concerned's response From the secretariat29.06.2015

Response to the communication

Annex 1 : Judgment in River Faughan Anglers

Annex 2 : Correspondence on  costs

Annex 3 : Summary of correspondence

Annex 4 : Summary of correspondence

Annex 5 : Copies of correspondence

Annex 6 : Planning order

Annex 7: Planning portal information

From the Party concerned27.11.2015
Comments on the Party concerned's responseFrom the communicant09.12.2015
Annex 1:Response to request for information from Department of the Environment
Annex 2: Appeal to Department of the Environment against the failure to provide information on request
From the communicant08.03.2016
Letter to the communicant with questions from the Committee From the secretariat27.09.2016
Email to the communicantFrom the secretariat25.11.2016
EmailFrom the communicant28.11.2016
LetterFrom the Party concerned02.12.2016

Email replying to Party concerned's letter

Annex: Letter of Northern Ireland Environment Agency, 02.12.2016

From the communicant06.12.2016 (updated on 28.11.2017)

Reply to questions from the Committee

Annex 1: Photograph TAB RFA1
Annex 2: Photograph TAB RFA2 (6808)
Annex 3: Photograph TAB RFA2 (27412-1)
Annex 4: Photograph TAB RFA2 (2742012-2)
Annex 5: Photograph TAB RFA3 (6808)
Annex 6: Overlap map TAB RFA4

From the communicant16.02.2017
Email enclosing letter of communicant's counsel, dated 11 February 2017From the communicant23.03.2017
Letters inviting the Party concerned and  communicant to the hearing at Committee's 59th meeting From the secretariat04.11.2017

Update prior to the hearing

Annex 1: Letter of Department of the Environment, 12.12.2014

Annex 2: Visual representation of lagoon overlap

Annex 3a: Testimony of judicial review claimant Mr. William Donnelly 

Annex 3b: Testimony of judicial review claimant Ms. Christine Gibson

Annex 3c: Testimony of judicial review claimant Save our Sperrins (SOS)

Annex 3d: Testimony of judicial review claimant Mr. Chris Murphy

Annex 3e: Testimony of judicial review claimant Rostrevor Action Respecting the Environment (RAR)

Annex 3f: Testimony of judicial review claimant Friends of the Earth

Annex 3g: Timeline of application for judicial review claim concerning Woodburn Forest

Annex 4: Letter from the Northern Ireland Environmental Agency,  16.01.2017

Annex 5a: Photographs of lagoon collapse (no. 1-2)

Annex 5b: Photograph of lagoon collapse (no. 3)

Annex 5c: Photograph of lagoon collapse (no. 4)

Annex 5d: Photograph of lagoon collapse (no. 5)

From the communicant28.11.2017 (dated 26.11.2017, updated 08.12.2017)
Update prior to the hearing enclosing letter from the Chief Planner's Office, 29.11.2017From the Party concerned30.11.2017
Letter to the communicant and the Party concerned regarding the scope of the hearing at the Committee's 59th meetingFrom the secretariat05.12.2017
Email with correction of previously submitted documentFrom the communicant06.12.2017
Opening statement for the hearing at the Committee's 59th meetingFrom the communicant12.12.2017
Opening statement for the hearing at the Committee's 59th meetingFrom the Party concerned12.12.2017
Closing statement for the hearing at the Committee's 59th meetingFrom the communicant14.12.2017
Questions from the Committee to the communicant and the Party concernedFrom the secretariat16.01.2018
Request for an extension of the time to reply to the questionsFrom the Party concerned02.02.2018
Reply to request from extension by the Chair of the CommitteeFrom the secretariat08.02.2018
Reply to questions from the CommitteeFrom the communicant25.02.2018
Reply to questions from the CommitteeFrom the Party concerned01.03.2018

Cover letter enclosing comments on the reply to questions from the Party concerned

Annex 1: RFA TAB1 - Planning Appeals Decision on a clay pigeon shoot

Annex 2: RFA TAB2 - Aardagh Glass legal ruling

Annex 3: RFA TAB3 - Statement of Case by Department to Planning Appeals Commission

Annex 4: RFA TAB4 - Letter from Department advising it did not intend to take enforcement action

Annex 5: RFA TAB5 - Letter from local Council advising it had never granted a site licence for landfilling up to 2003

Annex 6:  RFA TAB5 - Letter from NIEA advising it had never granted a site licence for landfilling after 2003

Annex 7: RFA TAB6 - Mr. Blackwood's affidavit

Annex 8: RFA TAB6 - Mr. Blackwood's 2nd affidavit

Annex 9: RFA TAB7 - unredacted EIA screening decision to show it was signed by planning officers' signatures

Annex 10: FA TAB8 - selection of letters regarding EIA screening decisions

From the communicant06.03.2018

Annexes to the Party concerned's reply to questions of 1 March 2018:

Annex A: Chronology 

Annex B: Affidavit by Mr. Keith Finegan

Annex C: Affidavit of Mr. Malachy McCarron

Annex D: Affidavit of Mr. Adrian Brown

Annex E: Judgement in Treacy J, 13 March 2014

Annex F: Note of Counsel's closing remarks

Annex G: Newspaper advertisements

Annex H: Sample advertisements for the district council area

From the Party concerned 12.03.2018
Comments on the communicant's reply to questionsFrom the Party concerned12.03.2018
Comments on the annexes to the Party concerned's reply to questionsFrom the communicant13.03.2018