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ACCC/C/2013/106 Czech Republic

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Annex 1
Annex 2
Annex 3
Annex 4
Annex 5
From the communicant26.11.2013
Supplement to communicationFrom the communicant18.09.2014
Determination on prelimary admissibility25.09.2014
Letter forwarding communication to Party concerned  From the secretariat 27.02.2015
Letter to communicantFrom the secretariat 27.02.2015
Cover letter enclosing response to the communication CZE ENGFrom the Party concerned24.07.2015
Comments from communicant  CZE  ENG
Annex I: Judgment of the Municipal Court in Prague, ref. no. 9 Ca BB2/2008-124, dated 27 October 2010 
Annex II: Judgment of the Municipal Court in Prague, ref. no. 10 Ca 126/2009-172, dated 11 May 2010
Annex III: Judgment of the Supreme Administrative Court in Prague, ref. no. 2 As 7/2011-274, dated 14 January 2013
Annex IV: Resolution of the Supreme Administrative Court of the Czech Republic, ref. no. 1 As 176/2012-130, dated 19 August 2014
Annex V: Memorandum of the European Court of Human Rights dated 13 July 2011 dealing with three complaints submitted by the Association
From the communicant16.09.2015
Invitation to the Party concerned and communicant to attend the discussion at Committee's 51st meetingFrom the secretariat06.11.2015
Information to the parties regarding hearing at 51st meetingFrom the secretariat11.12.2015
Revised summary of communicationFrom the communicant16.12.2015
EmailFrom observer (Oekobuero)21.11.2016
Questions from the Committee to the communicantFrom the secretariat08.06.2017
Reply to questions from the Committee CZE ENGFrom the communicant23.06.2017
Cover letter enclosing comments on the communicant's reply to questions from the CommitteeFrom the Party concerned11.07.2017
Questions from the Committee to the Party concernedFrom the secretariat12.01.2018