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The Assistance Programme has been developed to enhance the capacities of countries of Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia and South-Eastern Europe in implementing the Convention.

The Programme is based on the principle that assistance can be effective only if a recipient country is capable of receiving the assistance and is willing to take advantage of it.

The willingness to take advantage of the assistance is shown through countries expressing commitment at a high level to the Programme and the Convention.

The capacity to receive assistance is demonstrated by the implementation of the basic tasks as defined under the Programme. The Assistance Programme is divided into two phases; the preparatory phase and the implementation phase. The preparatory phase consists of the expression of high-level commitment, the implementation of basic tasks and to present the results to a fact finding mission.

When a country successfully completes the preparatory phase it is accepted into the implementation phase. During this phase, assistance is provided to help the countries find solutions to problems with implementing the Convention. This assistance is comprised of activities that address the priority needs and are identified following the Strategic Approach.

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Internationally supported Assistance Programme for the East European, Caucasian and Central Asian and the South-east European countries to enhance their efforts in implementing the convention.