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Task Force on Access to Information


The mandate of the Task Force on Access to Information was laid down by the Meeting of the Parties through decision IV/1 (ENG FRE RUS) adopted at its fourth session (Chisinau, 29 June - 1 July 2011). The Task Force on Access to Information continues functioning after being renamed from the Task Force on Electronic Information Tools. 

The Task Force on Access to Information:

(a) Continues strengthening implementation of the Convention's provisions on access to information, including through promoting exchange of information, experiences, challenges and good practices concerning public access to information on the matter. It also addresses the issue of accessibility of product information and environmental information held by private sector;

(b) Strives to identify capacity-building needs, barriers and solutions;

(c) Continues monitoring and supporting the implementation of the recommendations in decision II/3 (ENG FRE RUS) on electronic information tools and the clearinghouse mechanism;

(d) Continues monitoring technical developments, and, where appropriate, contribute to other initiatives relevant to electronic access to information, electronic public participation in decision-making and electronic access to justice in environmental matters;

(e) Continues contributing to further development of the Aarhus Clearinghouse for Environmental Democracy and PRTR.net. The Aarhus Clearinghouse Quick Guide is available here.

The Task Force is led by the Republic of Moldova.


First meeting (Geneva, 7-8 February 2013) 

Second meeting (Geneva, 16-17 December 2013)

Third meeting (Geneva, 3-5 December 2014)

Previous activities

Information about previous activities of the Task Force on Electronic Information Tools is available here.