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TF on Measurements and Modeling

The Task Force on Measurements and Modelling was established in 2000 to offer a forum to the Parties, the EMEP centres and other international organizations for scientific discussions to evaluate measurements and modelling and to further develop working methods and tools. It is led by France and WMO co-chairs its meetings.

Its main task is to support the EMEP Steering Body and its Bureau by :

(a) reviewing and assessing the scientific and operational activities of EMEP related to monitoring and modelling ;
(b) evaluating their contribution and support to the effective implementation and further development of the Protocols ; and
(c) drawing up specific proposals for the EMEP work-plan.

It also provides for closer collaboration of Parties to the Convention, the EMEP centres, other bodies under the Convention, other international bodies, in particular with the WMO, and the scientific community in strengthening scientific communication and cooperation in air pollution monitoring and modelling.

The Task Force reports to the EMEP Steering Body and holds regular meetings. It proposed, discussed and reviewed the development of the EMEP Assessment Report.

More information is available here


Report to the 34th session of the Steering Body


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