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Energy Expert Opinions

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Delivering on the mission of UNECE through energy  (19 november 2013)

UNECE was established after World War II with a mission that can be summarized in two words:  Never again. An essential tool for fulfilling this has been, and still is, to foster economic interdependence and growth, and to make every effort to secure affordable and sustainable energy....
Mapping the flow: from “uranium in the ground” to “uranium in the can”  (25 october 2013)

Nuclear is a capital-intensive energy option.  Nearly all the investment is upfront—during the construction of the reactors.  Although some cost will also be incurred during final closure and decommissioning, the operational and fuel costs remain comparatively low. However, the supply...
Can oil- and gas-rich countries benefit from renewable energy?  (24 july 2013)

The majority of United Nations Special Programme for the Economies of Central Asia (UNSPECA) countries were able to achieve economic growth mainly thanks to the development of their oil and gas reserves. But it is a well-known fact that the fossil fuel reserves are exhaustible and, in order to...
Why “unified” reporting of the world’s energy and mineral resources is important  (3 june 2013)

The world is consuming more and more energy and mineral resources every year, particularly those regions with rapidly growing economies. Meeting our increasing needs for energy fuels and minerals ideally should be accompanied by considerations for sustainable development. The data on available...
On communicating complex information  (9 april 2013)

The world we live in is complex. People with specialized knowledge, such as scientists, engineers and economists, put a lot of effort into analysing it, but this can be wasted on society if the results aren’t communicated effectively and if those using it don’t understand it.   One...
Our Sustainable Development Imperative: Provide modern and efficient energy services  (13 february 2013)

As we observe the desperate plight of the 1.4 billion people who lack access to energy, it is clear that we can only secure economic growth and prosperity if people can access modern energy services. The critical energy challenges confronting global policymakers today include providing energy to...
Comparable energy reserves and resources – why we should care  (5 december 2012)

Because the energy industry is global, it needs global standards. These should be clear and they should be consistently communicated. If you harmonize the terminology of energy reserves and resources, you get a more reliable and consistent estimate of global quantities of fossil energy. This also...


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