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The principal activity of the Group of Experts on CMM is development and dissemination of the Best Practice Guidance for Effective Methane Drainage and Recovery in Coal Mines. The work of the Group of Experts on Coal Mine Methane (CMM) has a benefit for coal mine safety through improvements in the drainage, recovery and use of coal mine methane.

During 2014 and 2015 the Group of Experts on CMM has committed to:

  • Disseminate electronically the Best Practice Guidance to all major stakeholders in the ECE region and beyond as recommended by ECOSOC (Decision 2011/222)
  • Prepare suggestions on how to develop, as appropriate, similar best practices guidance for aspects of CMM management that are not covered in detail by the current document
    Status report on update to BPG 2.0
  • Prepare proposals for case studies, where appropriate and financed by extra-budgetary resources, on the application of best practice guidance in specific coal mines in different regions of the world
  • Facilitate the establishment by United Nations Member States of International Centres of Excellence in effective pre- and post-mining extraction and use of coal mine methane, abandoned mine methane, and ventilation air methane and suggest a rational distribution of labour between the Group of Experts and Centres of Excellence to ensure exchange of information and experience regarding the profitable methane recovery and use
  • Consider best practices on issues related to drainage, recovery, and usage of coal mine methane