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List of Trade Facilitation Recommendations

Summary of UN/CEFACT Trade Facilitation Recommendations:      ENG

Maintenance procedures of UN/EDIFACT Directories and codes in recommendations.

Issued date
Recommendation N°. 1 - United Nations Layout Key for Trade Documents
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ECE/TRADE/CEFACT/2017/7 2017 UN Layout Key for Trade Documents - Guidelines for Applications PDF PDF PDF
2002 UN Layout Key for Trade Documents - Guidelines for Applications
TRADE/CEFACT/2001/15 2001 Addendum to Recommendation N°. 1
ECE/TRADE/137 1981 Recommendation N°. 1
Recommendation N°. 2 - Locations of Codes in Trade Documents
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  1973 Recommendation N°. 2
Recommendation N°. 3 - Code for the Representation of Names of Countries
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ECE/TRADE/201 1996 Recommendation N°. 3
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Recommendation N°. 4 - National Trade Facilitation Bodies
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ECE/TRADE/425 2015 Recommendation N°. 4 PDF - -
ECE/TRADE/242 2001 Recommendation N°. 4 - Second Edition
ECE/TRADE/256 2000 Guidelines to Recommendation N°. 4
TRADE/WP.4/INF.33 1974 Recommendation N°. 4
Recommendation N°. 5 - Abbreviations of INCOTERMS
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ECE/TRADE/C/CEFACT/2011/5 2011 Recommendation N°.5, Incoterms 2010 PDF PDF PDF
ECE/TRADE/259 2000 Recommendation N°.5, Incoterms 2000
ECE/TRADE/202 1996 Recommendation N°.5, Incoterms 1990