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List of Publications - 2014

Innovation Performance Review of Armenia (June 2014)

Innovation Performance Review of Armenia In modern, competitive economies, knowledge-based innovation is the foundation for economic development. Sustained growth and improved living standards can only be obtained by increasing productivity and  ...
The Value of Forests: Payments for Ecosystem Services in a Green Economy (May 2014)

Payments for Ecosystem Services (PES) describes the situation where the user of an environmental service, such as water purification, pays the landowners who provide that service. For PES to exist,  ...
Diesel Engines Exhaust: Myths and Realities (May 2014)

Diesel Engines Exhaust: Myths and Realities Download PDF (English) The objective of this Discussion paper is: to offer a balanced view on the on‐going debate about the harmful effects of diesel engine exhaust  ...
Annual Report 2013 (May 2014)

Symbol: ECE/INF/2014/1 English
Review of the Transport and Logistics System of the Republic of Belarus (May 2014)

The current state of development of the world economy is characterized by sharp competition for spheres of influence in major commodity markets. Economic globalization leads to a rapid growth of  ...
Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation for International Transport Networks (April 2014)

Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation for International Transport Networks : interactive report Download PDF (English) This report has been prepared to assist the work of the UNECE Group of Experts on Climate  ...
Survey on Land Administration Systems (draft) (March 2014)

The study presented here is the result of a survey to gather comprehensive information on countries' land administration systems. This includes the efficiency of their services, the security of their  ...
Recommendation 35 - ECE/TRADE/401 (January 2014)

UN/CEFACT Recommendation 35: Establishing a Legal Framework for an International Trade Single Window .... Among the first tasks in establishing a Single Window facility in a country is a timely and  ...
Recommendation 34 - ECE/TRADE/400 (January 2014)

UN/CEFACT Recommendation 34: Data Simplification and Standardizationfor International Trade ..... Recommendation Number 34 (ECE/TRADE/400) was developed in response to a particular set of requests from Single Window implementers who were faced with  ...
Aid for Trade - ECE/TRADE/415 (January 2014)

This brochure (ECE/TRADE/415) provides information about the resources available, free of charge, from the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) that can be used to support Aid-for-Trade projects. The  ...
Assessing regulatory and procedural measures in trade: An Evaluation Methodology (ECE/TRADE/409) (January 2014)

Assessing regulatory and procedural measures in trade: An Evaluation Methodology (ECE/TRADE/409) ......The Committee on Trade (CT) is a multilateral platform that brings representatives of governments from the 56 member States  ...

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