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Woody biomass – the fuel of choice for Serbia

Published: 11 December 2008


Efficient wood-based energy should be the fuel of choice for Serbia and other South-East European countries for renewable heat and power generation. However, before its advantages can be achieved, there are a number of barriers which must be overcome to achieve the full potential of the domestic woody biomass resource.

These were the key conclusions of the workshop on “Woody biomass – the fuel of choice for Serbia” organized by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE), the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), and the Faculty of Forestry, University of Belgrade, in Belgrade on 2-3 December.

The workshop was successful in bringing together stakeholders from a broad range of interests. In discussing the opportunities for woody biomass to play a more significant role as a domestic energy source for Serbia, there was recognition of the considerable economic, environmental and social benefits that this could generate.

Professor Branko Glavonjic of the University of Belgrade and the main organizer of the workshop, said, “Since the last UNECE/FAO workshop in Serbia on wood energy in December 2007, wood energy has gained considerable momentum. Processed wood fuels are now manufactured and used in Serbia, as well as being exported. However, there are much greater opportunities for domestic use to offset expensive, imported fossil fuels.”

The workshop resulted in the conclusions and recommendations annexed here (not in order of priority). The UNECE/FAO conducts workshops to improve the marketing and use of forest products, including wood energy, in line with the United Nations Millennium Development Goal of ensuring environmental sustainability.

The presentations and additional information are available on the workshop website: www.unece.org/timber/workshops/2008/belgrade/belgrade.html

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