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World robotics 2004

Published: 20 October 2004


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Worldwide investment in industrial robots up 19% in 2003.
In first half of 2004, orders for robots were up another 18% to the highest level ever recorded. Worldwide growth in the period 2004-2007 forecast at an average annual rate of about 7%. Over 600,000 household robots in use – several millions in the next few years.

UNECE issues its 2004 World Robotics survey



At end 2003, over 26,000 industrial robots were at work in the French industry, up 8% over 2002


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Solid recovery of sales and production of industrial robots in Germany - the world’s second largest user and producer of industrial robots


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Over 50,000 industrial robots in Italy, up 7% over 2002. Italy is Europe’s second and the world’s fourth largest user of industrial robots


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Almost 20,000 robots in Spain - the robot density in Spain is now higher than in France


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In 2003, robot investment in the United Kingdom surged by 48% but robot use in the United Kingdom is still lagging far behind the rest of Europe



Buoyant robot sales in North America



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