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The fifth Ministerial Conference “Environment for Europe” in full

Published: 25 May 2004


The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) has released a compact disk with the full proceedings of the fifth “Environment for Europe” Conference.* The CD-ROM is trilingual – English, French and Russian – and contains the official documents and the report of the Conference, the Ministerial Declaration and the speeches made by delegates.

The “Environment for Europe” process is an important platform for dialogue and cooperation among Governments, international organizations, NGOs and the private sector. It has had a direct impact on environmental policy throughout the region covered by UNECE, whether in improving environmental rights, strengthening public participation, promoting education for sustainable development or banning leaded petrol. During these conferences the Environment Ministers have made great strides in extending the environmental legal framework, ensuring compliance with and enforcement of international environmental law, and keeping the environment high on the international agenda.

The Kiev Conference, which took place in May 2003, was the fifth in a process that began in 1991. It was the first high-level regional meeting to assess the follow-up to the 2002 World Summit on Sustainable Development. The Conference was the largest environmental gathering Ukraine had ever hosted. It drew some 1100 delegates, including 40 Environment Ministers and many NGOs.

The sixth “Environment for Europe” Conference will take place in Belgrade in 2007.

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* Fifth Ministerial Conference “Environment for Europe”, Proceedings, KIEV 2003, UN Sales No. GV.E.03.0.28, ISBN 92-1-101067-5

Ref: ECE/ENV/04/N01

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