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UNECE Programme on Ageing

2007 UNECE Ministerial Conference on Ageing

At the 2007 UNECE Ministerial Conference on Ageing in León, Spain, ministers and high-level officials from 45 member States and the European Commission, international organizations, non-governmental organizations and other stakeholders discussed progress achieved in the implementation of the Regional Implementation Strategy for the Madrid International Plan of Action on Ageing adopted at the 2002 Ministerial Conference in Berlin, future cooperation among member States, and capacity development. The Conference adopted the Ministerial Declaration “A Society for All Ages: Challenges and Opportunities”.

Generations and Gender Programme

Conference on How Generations and Gender Shape Demographic Change

The Conference on How Generations and Gender Shape Demographic Change was a forum for exchanges between policymakers and the research community on challenges related to demographic change. It addresses key challenges in policy areas related to family and reproductive behaviour as well as intergenerational and gender relationships, reflects advances in knowledge in these areas, and provides guidance on the use of such knowledge in policymaking.

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