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UNECE signs United Nations Development Assistance Framework with Tajikistan for 2016-2020

Published: 18 December 2015

UNECE will strengthen its support to Tajikistan development efforts through the implementation of United Nations Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF) for the period of 2016-2020, which was officially launched today in Dushanbe. 

In the next five years, UNECE will provide technical assistance to Tajikistan in a variety of areas including the follow up to the Global Assessment of National System of Official Statistics, the Innovation Performance Review and the Study on Regulatory and Procedural Barriers to Trade and its Aid-for-Trade Action Matrix. UNECE will also provide technical assistance in the area of Public-Private Partnerships, renewable energy and energy efficiency. 

UNECE Environmental Subprogramme will continue its support through the National Policy Dialogues on international water management, promotion of accession to the Protocol on Strategic Environmental Assessment, providing capacity building related to air pollution and development of emission inventories, as well as support the strengthening of cooperation on hydrology and environment between Tajikistan and Afghanistan. 

More specifically, UNECE will be contributed to achieving the following UNDAF outcomes:

  • People in Tajikistan have their rights protected and benefit from improved access to justice and quality services delivered by accountable, transparent, and gender responsive legislative, executive and judicial institutions at all levels.
  • People in Tajikistan benefit from equitable and sustainable economic growth through decent and productive employment; stable energy supply; improved access to specialised knowledge and innovation and a more favourable business environment, especially for entrepreneurs and farmers.
  • People in Tajikistan are more resilient to natural and man-made disasters and benefit from improved policy and operational frameworks for environmental protection and management of natural resources.

UNECE financial commitment for UNDAF 2016-2020 is 930,000USD. 

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