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UNECE to actively participate in 2015 ITS World Congress

The widespread use of Information and communications technologies in transport to create Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) has the potential to revolutionize mobility, changing everything from the way we move and communicate to how we design transport legislation and regulate vehicles. Through the use of ITS applications, transport will become more efficient, safer and greener.  UNECE has led the discussion on ITS since 2004 and it formulated a Road Map for promoting ITS in 2012.

UNECE will thus naturally take an active part in the 2015 ITS World Congress, which will gather the ITS and transport communities in Bordeaux from 5 to 9 October to discuss how ITS can help achieve intelligent mobility and a better use of space.   

On 5 October, the Ministerial Round, which should gather some 30 delegations from Europe, the middle East and Asia, will discuss possible policies regarding the use of ITS to mitigate climate change. The round table will be moderated by Eva Molnar, Director of the UNECE Transport Division.

On 6 October, a workshop will highlight how the use of telematics can contribute to increasing the safety of the carriage of Dangerous Goods.

Finally, on 7 October, UNECE will host its annual ITS Flagship event on "ITS for sustainable transport and the mitigation of climate change", in cooperation with the French Ministry of Ecology, with the support of Michelin Challenge Bibendum. Reflecting on the conclusions of the Ministerial Round Table, the workshop will aim at identifying ways to implement policies mitigating climate change, based on the review of success stories on the use of ITS in this field.

For further information, please visit: http://www.unece.org/index.php?id=39185#/