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UNECE supports the adoption of effective risk-based regulations in Kyrgyzstan

In April 2018, the Eurasian Economic Commission adopted a decision requesting its members to use a risk-based approach for enforcement activities. Efforts towards effective risk management are particularly important in a country like Kyrgyzstan. The 2017 World Risk Report ranks Kyrgyzstan as 51st out of 171 countries by natural disaster risk and with a coping capacity of only 23.5 per cent. Progress in improving the population’s well-being, which has taken decades to achieve, could be wiped away in minutes by a flood or an earthquake, especially if the infrastructure is not built to withstand the impact of these hazards.

Preliminary consultations conducted by UNECE show that market surveillance and inspections in the country are currently insufficient. Both the Kyrgyz standards body and the Kyrgyz Ministry of Economy recognize the need for support as the country implements a risk-based approach to regulation, inspections and enforcement. To address some of these challenges, and ensure that socio-economic development is resilient to risks, UNECE organized a workshop on risk-based regulations from 22 to 25 May in Bishkek. Another workshop on the same subject will take place in Osh next week.

The interactive trainings conducted by UNECE experts showed that properly managing risks, which affect businesses, workers, citizens and communities, is key to ensure that lives and livelihoods are not unnecessarily exposed to hazards. It also means that the demand by businesses for streamlined regulations that are not unduly restrictive is met. Additionally, trainers showed that the best results are achieved when regulatory systems act to support companies’ efforts towards compliance, rather than with a punitive intent.

During preparatory meetings ahead of the workshops, Mr. Askat Bekov, Head of Trade Policy and Licencing Department, Ministry of Economy, remarked: “Regulatory authorities cannot check each consignment. It is important to use risk-based approaches to identify products that have a high probability of non-compliance. But to fully implement a risk-based approach in regulatory systems, we need to build the capacity of Kyrgyz institutions so that they can work with all stakeholders to identify, assess and manage hazards that affect their communities.”

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