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UNECE study on overcoming regulatory and procedural barriers to trade in the Republic of Moldova discussed during a stakeholder meeting

UNECE presented the study on overcoming regulatory and procedural barriers to trade during a stakeholder meeting  organized by the Moldavian Ministry of Economy for stakeholders from across the country, including economic operators from the region of Transnistria.

According to the Director for International Economic Cooperation at the Ministry of Economy, Mihaela Gorban, discussions focused on the five substantive areas addressed in the study, including trade facilitation, technical regulations, standardization policies, conformity assessment and metrology, logistics and transport. "The focus was on scaling up and substantiating recommendations, which include both immediate action and long term measures, to eliminate regulatory and procedural barriers identified in the study. The recommendations are aimed at implementing the development strategy of the country and commitments assumed under the WTO Agreement on Trade Facilitation".

During the meeting economic operators from the left bank of the river Nistru presented their views, which will be reflected in the final version of the study that will be presented to the UNECE member States this April in Geneva during the annual session of the Steering Committee on Trade Capacity and Standards.

UNECE will work closely with the Government to implement the recommendations identified in the study, including resource mobilization and bringing other international development partners on board.