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UNECE supports green and cost-effective energy solution in rural Kyrgyzstan

As part of broad support to countries’ sustainable energy transition, a field project implemented by UNECE has introduced a cost-effective green technology-solution in rural Kyrgyzstan. A new biogas unit, launched in September 2018, delivers concrete renewable energy solutions for a rural community near the town of Kant.

The biogas plant, with a methane tank of 25 cubic metres, will produce around 116,650 cubic metres of biogas annually for heating purposes. Aside from biogas, the plant is produces 200 tonnes of organic fertilizers annually, which is sufficient for 200 hectares of arable farmlands. The production of bio-fertilizers helps replace mineral fertilizers and results in savings of US$14,000 annually. Moreover, the methane produced will substitute 6.4 tonnes of diesel fuel used for the heating of farms, and this will save US$3,120 annually.

A capacity-building workshop on small-scale renewable energy solutions in Central Asian countries was held following installation, with forty participants from all five Central Asian countries. This provided an opportunity to consider barriers, challenges, and solutions to achieving sustainable energy in rural areas in Central Asia. Kyrgyzstan’s National Institute of Energy and Economy also shared results and their experience constructing the biogas unit.

The project “Application of biogas technology model for rural areas in Kyrgyzstan” is sponsored by the Russian Federation.

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