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Discussing the application of Resource Classification to renewable energy sources

Ever growing energy security, environmental and sustainability concerns means that countries and conventional oil and gas companies are increasingly looking to manage their energy portfolio as a mix of conventional and renewable resources. Classification of renewable energy resources, as well as environmental and social considerations, will be high on the list of topics discussed at the UNECE Resource Classification Week 2016.

The focus of the renewables discussions will be on renewable energy generically and geothermal and bioenergy specifically. Work on applying UNFC to solar and wind will start later this year. In particular, the draft specifications for the application of the United Nations Framework Classification for Fossil Energy and Mineral Reserves and Resources (UNFC) to geothermal resources will be reviewed. Growing awareness and interest in renewable energy resources, including geothermal energy resources, has highlighted a need to normalize the way in which renewable energy potential is reported. With no globally agreed geothermal standards, guidelines or codes existing, the inclusion of geothermal energy within UNFC will improve global communication in the geothermal sector as part of the larger energy arena. Twelve case studies have also been included to test the robustness of the application of UNFC to geothermal energy resources. The draft specifications were developed as part of the Memorandum of Understanding that UNECE established with the International Geothermal Association in September 2014.

The Resource Classification Week 2016 will comprise a range of events and meetings, including a UNFC Workshop on 26 April and the Expert Group on Resource Classification seventh session, 27–29 April. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) will additionally meet jointly with UNECE on 25–26 April to prepare a technical handbook on Best Practices in the Application of UNFC to Uranium and Thorium Projects. In support of the Expert Group’s focus on all extractive activities and renewables, the energy film SWITCH will be screened in the UN Cinema at 6 pm on 27 April.

Over 220 experts from more than 50 countries of the UNECE region, as well as countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America, will gather to discuss and further develop UNFC. The Expert Group on Resource Classification provides the only forum in the world where experts in resource classification covering solid minerals, petroleum and renewables, meet and share information and ideas. Representatives from government institutions from both UNECE and non-UNECE member countries, industry, international organizations, professional associations and companies dealing with regulations, evaluation, classification, exploration, exploitation and investment in energy and mineral resources, as well as civil society and academia, will participate.

For more information, please visit: http://unece.org/energy/se/reserves.html or contact Charlotte Griffiths at: reserves.energy@unece.org