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UNECE member States promote smart coordination models for sustainable land management

Land resources strengthen and support global efforts towards sustainable development and ensuring property rights is critical for sustainable land management. Sustainable land management is a key element in the work to end poverty, food insecurity, climate change, and to reduce disaster risks.

Representatives from over 25 countries and numerous stakeholders from the UNECE region came together to Madrid on 24-25 November for a workshop to share experiences and best practices on cadastre and registry interactions within the framework of land administration. In his opening speech, the Spanish Minister of Justice, Rafael Catalá Polo, highlighted the importance of the effective interaction of cadastres and registries for better service to the public. It is necessary for these to coordinate their data and information in accordance with the related new legislation established in 2015 in Spain to enhance legal security. The workshop focused on the functions of cadastres and registries, their respective roles and how their interactions fulfil social and economic needs. Fernando P. Méndez González, Director of International Relations of Colegio de Registradores remarked that the interaction also helps real estate markets and mortgage markets. In addition, it showcased how cadastres and property rights registries contribute to market sustainability and efficiency and how the development of new technologies has enabled synergies between cadastre and property rights registry.

The workshop developed strategic and productive relationships with land administration experts from across the pan European region in various relevant fields, administration, urban development, infrastructure development, information and communications technology, geographic information systems, spatial planning and related fields.

The workshop, State and market: Cadastres and Property Rights Registries: The need for smart interaction to better serve citizens and public administrations    was organized by UNECE and Colegio de Registradores de la Propiedad y Mercantiles de España, in close cooperation with the General Directorate of Property Registries and Notaries of Spain (Ministry of Justice), the Spanish Cadastre and the UNECE Real Estate Market Advisory Group (REM).

For more information, please visit:  https://workshop-unece.registradores.org