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UNECE launches the tablet version of its Annual Report

For the first time, UNECE has launched a tablet version of its Annual Report, available to download from Google Play.  It will also be available soon on the App store.

The publication summarizes UNECE achievements in 2014 and presents the main challenges for 2015. From cleaner air to safer and cleaner cars, enhanced international trade to better and more energy-efficient housing, healthier forests to enhanced safety in coal mines, the Annual Report shows how UNECE’s work helps to improve the lives of citizens in the region and beyond.

The tablet version of the Annual Report allows users to access information in an easier, quicker and smarter way. In addition to the print or the electronic version, readers will find multimedia files such as videos, maps or photo galleries that enrich the information, as well as links to further documentation and direct contacts.

Download it from Google Play at:


The report can also be accessed online in English and Russian at: http://www.unece.org/index.php?id=39422