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National roundtable meeting in Ukraine to encourage ratification of the key UNECE Air Convention protocols

To avoid damage to the environment, public health and the economy, adopting targets to reduce emissions and introducing measures to enforce them is essential. Providing a framework to facilitate these measures, UNECE assists countries in Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia in formulating policy responses to the air pollution challenge ensuring by the implementation and ratification of the Convention and its key protocols. In this regard, UNECE organized a national round table to discuss domestic law on air pollution control in Kyiv this week (25 September 2018). 

The purpose of the event was to raise the political profile of the Convention and increase awareness of the benefits of accession to its Protocols and to further assist Ukraine in aligning its national legislation with the provisions of the Protocols and determining the next steps towards ratification.

High-level participants from the Ministries of Environment and several other Ministries and representatives from the private sector and civil society discussed the recommendations on the steps towards ratification of the key protocols of the Convention. Participants concluded that ratification was feasible, but several steps on the way to ratification were still needed.

Further to the round table, UNECE organized a workshop to support Ukraine in improving its air pollutant emission inventories in accordance with the Convention’s requirements (Kyiv, 18-21 September 2018). The workshop focused on the practical work with the country’s national data in relation to its priority activity sectors.

For more information on capacity-building under the UNECE Air Convention, please visit: http://www.unece.org/environmental-policy/conventions/envlrtapwelcome/capacity-building.html