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UNECE to take part in Cycling Festival Europe 2016

Cycling is a green and healthy mode of transport, since it has the potential to significantly improve health and reduce mortality due to inactivity and to reduce local air pollution caused by motorised traffic. Overall, it is a great way to connect people with their urban environment and to take action against pollution and climate change. 

On 14 April, UNECE will take part in one of the activities organised in different cities for the launch of the Cycling Festival Europe 2016, an initiative of the Dutch EU Presidency. The one-day event taking place in Geneva is organised by the Permanent Representation of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. UNECE promotes cycling for better health, cleaner air and a better environment in the framework of the Transport, Health and Environment Pan-European Programme (THE PEP), which it supports jointly with WHO/Europe.  UNECE also provides the platform for the development of international rules for safe traffic, under the 1968 Convention on Road Traffic, and technical regulations on helmets for high-speed electric bikes. 

The public will be able to take part in various activities related to cycling starting at 16:00 in the Parc des Bastions. UNECE will be exhibiting on the many benefits of cycling and on the road safety aspects of cycling at an information stand. Other animations will include testing your skills at slow biking, trying out unconventional types of bikes, listening to live music, watching BMX demonstrations. Food and beverages will be available.

A cycling tour to the park will start at 17:00 from the Place des Nations in Geneva (register here).

Check out the whole programme here.