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Transport, Health and Environment Pan-European Programme

The side event "Transport, Health and Environment Pan-European Programme" will take place from 14 to 16 April 2015. The participants of the Commission meeting can visit the exhibition during the coffee and lunch breaks. Visitors to the Palais des Nations and UNOG staff can visit anytime of the day. 

On 15 April on the second day of the Commission meeting, during the lunch break there will an opening of the event.

One aim of this side event is to promote the Transport, Health and Environment Pan-European Programme (THE PEP) Partnership on Cycling promotion, which was launched by the initiative of the Government of Austria and France at the 4th High level meeting in Paris in April 2014. The overall goal of the Partnership is to develop pan-European Master Plan for cycling promotion and to support governments in the development of cycling promotion policies. Therefore, this event will help to raise awareness on THE PEP partnership on Cycling Promotion and invite countries to join the partnership.

The second aim of the side-event is to promote introduction of vehicles that are not run on combustion engines for example electric vehicles. Old diesel engines, for example, generate particulate matters emissions with heavy impacts on air pollution that can cause lung diseases. In high exposure areas, there is the need to set up efficient policy measures, aimed at replacing vehicles equipped with older engine technologies with new vehicles complying with the latest UN Regulations or at retrofitting the existing engines with appropriate emission control devices and after‐treatment systems.

The European Cyclists Federation (ECF) will organise a demonstration of bikes. There will be 5-6 different types of bikes, from traditional to most recent innovative type of electric bikes, that will be presented at the side event.

Vélotheque is a company based in Lausanne, which promotes the bike sharing service. They will present the bike sharing system and also mobile phone app which is used to check the information on availability of bikes.

THE PEP secretariat will present posters on THE PEP activities and photo slides.