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UNECE 60th Anniversary Session


UNECE 60th Anniversary Session - High Level Segment on Transport (Geneva, 27 April 2007)






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Keynote Address - Mr. Janez BOZIC, Minister of Transport, Slovenia


Keynote Address - Ms. Hilde TREBESCH, Head of Deparment, Ministry of Transport, on behalf of the Minister of Transport, Germany


First Panel session: Achievements and Challenges in developing transport links


Perspectives of the Ukraine - UNECE cooperation on the development of efficient and secure transport links - Ms. Kateryna FOMENKO, Deputy Minister of Transport and Communications, Ukraine




Connecting Azerbaijan with Europe and Asia: achievements and difficulties encountered - Mr. Musa PANAHOV, Deputy Minister of Transport, Azerbaijan




Transport security development: a key to regional cooperation - Mr. Evgenyi MOSKVICHEV, Deputy Minister of Transport, Russian Federation




Bulgaria's role in the development of transport links between the EU, South-East European countries, CIS countries and the TRACECA region - Ms. Vessela GOSPODINOVA, Deputy Minister of Transport, Bulgaria



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Turkey’s initiatives and achievements/contributions on the development of Euro-Asian transport links - Mr. Suat Hayri AKA, Deputy Under-Secretary, Ministry of Transport, Turkey



Second Panel session: Best practices in efficient and secure transport links. International plans and financing


Cargo Security Strategy - Ms. Kathleen M. CONWAY, Customs and Border Protection, Department of Homeland Security, USA



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Heavy Vehicle Fee: The Swiss practice to secure infrastructure financing - Mr. Christian ALBRECHT, Chief, Transport Policy, Federal Office of Land Development, Switzerland



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Meilleures pratiques pour le développement de transports sûrs et efficaces. La situation de la France - Mr. Marc STRAUSS, Deputy-Director, Ministry of Transport, France



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Guidelines for Transport in Europe and Neighbouring Regions - Mr. Edgar THIELMANN, Acting Director, Trans-European Networks, European Commission, DG TREN



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EIB support for Transport Development in the EU Neighbourhood Policy Framework - Mr. Nicholas BARCLAY, Head of Section, Corporate and Private Sector Financing, European Investment Bank



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The TEM and TER Master Plan and the Euro-Asian Transport Links Project - Mr. Michalis ADAMANTIADIS, Chief, Transport and Infrastructure Development Section, Transport Division, UNECE



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