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New Vehicle Propulsion Technologies" (Geneva, 20 February 2002)

Overview of the past and future work of WP.29

Mr. B. Gauvin, Chairman of WP.29
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Engine Technology Development:

Powertrain - Present Research Concerns - Future Vision - A European Consensus from EUCAR
Mr. André Rault, Secretary-General of EUCAR (European Council for Automotive Research)
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Internal Combustion Engines - Concepts for Reduction of Emissions and Consumption
Mr. K.-G. Bürger, Head, R&D Automotive Branch, Robert Bosch GmbH
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Hybrid; Clean and Fuel Saving Technologies for the Current and Future Vehicles
Mr. Katsuhiko Hirose, Project General Manager, Toyota Motor Corp.
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Fuel Cell Vehicles
Mr. Neil A. Schilke, General Director Engineering, General Motors Corporation, President of SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers)
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Transport fuels for the future:

Transport fuels for the future
Mr. N. Thompson, Technical Coordinator, CONCAWE (The Oil Companies European Organization for Environment, Health and Safety)
Mr. D. J. Rickeard, Fuels Regulatory Affairs Officer, ExxonMobil Petroleum & Chemical
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Fundamental Research in Russia on Development of Engines with Variable Compression Ratio
Mr. V. Kutenev, Deputy Director-General of NAMI, Vice-Chairman of WP.29
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Conclusion of the round-table:

Mr. J. Capel Ferrer, Director of the UNECE Transport Division
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