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 Common Metadata Framework Part A - Statistical Metadata in a Corporate Context: A guide for managers, available in English (0.9 MB) and Russian (4.7 MB)

 Making Data Meaningful Part 1 - A guide to writing stories about numbers, available in English (1.6 MB), Russian (1.8 MB) and Spanish - Spanish translation kindly provided by the Instituto Nacional de Estadística, Spain, Croatian (1.6 MB) - Croatian translation kindly provided by Croatian Bureau of Statistics.

 Making Data Meaningful Part 2 - A guide to presenting statistics, available in English (2.3 MB), Russian (2.4 MB), Spanish (1.3 MB) - Spanish translation kindly provided by the Instituto Nacional de Estadística, Spain, Croatian (2.4 MB) - Croatian translation kindly provided by Croatian Bureau of Statistics.

 UNECE Countries in Figures 2009

A brief statistical profile of each of the 56 UNECE member countries

Practical Guide to Producing Consumer Price Indices (3.4 Mb)

 Measuring Sustainable Development (2.6 MB)

 Principles and Guidelines on Confidentiality Aspects of Data Integration Undertaken for Statistical or Related Research Purposes

 Proceedings of the 2007 Joint UNECE/Eurostat Work Session on Statistical Data Confidentiality (8.0 MB)

Assessment of Capacity for Countries of Eastern and South-Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia to Produce MDG-relevant Statistics, available in English (2.3 MB) and Russian (1.5 MB)

Measuring Capital - Beyond the Traditional Measures (1.0 MB)
Proceedings of the Seminar Session of the 2007 Conference of European Statisticians

Economic Globalization - A Challenge for Official Statistics (1.1 MB)
Proceedings of the Joint EFTA/UNECE/SSCU Seminar

Measuring Population and Housing - Practices of UNECE Countries in the 2000 Round of Censuses, available in English (4.2 MB) and Russian (4.3 MB)

Register-based Statistics in the Nordic Countries - Review of Best Practices with Focus on Population and Social Statistics, available in Russian (7.3 MB)

 Conference of European Statisticians Recommendations for the 2010 Censuses of Population and Housing, available in English (2.4 MB), French (3.0 MB) and Russian (4.2 MB)

 The Millenium Development Goals - The Way Ahead. A Pan-European Perspective (3.0 MB)

 Statistical Editing - Volume 3: Impact on Data Quality

Trends in Europe and North America 2005

"Trends" is a statistical pocketbook, intended to be of general interest and is aimed at a wide audience of users. In this publication, statistical information is presented in two ways:

  1. an economic and social country profile for each of the 55 member countries of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe; and
  2. statistical overviews under a range of topics (listed in the left hand side menu) that compare data between the countries of the UNECE region.

Where possible, maps illustrating the data have been made available under the various topics. These maps have the advantage of clearly illustrating statistical data in a spatial context, but there are limits in displaying information in this format. They should be considered in conjunction with the tables and charts provided.


The data used for "Trends" 2005 is the most recent year available at the time of preparing the publication, usually 2003. For further study and updates, the users may wish to visit numerous web sources used for the publication.

This guide is designed as a practical tool to assist statistical organizations in setting up effective communications with the media and with the general public.

It serves as a quick reference presenting the main principles and a general overview of the issues to be considered by a statistical organization when communicating with the media.



Chapter 1: Principles, objectives and management issues in data dissemination

Chapter 2: Organizational aspects of dissemination

Chapter 3: Methods and tools

Chapter 4: Impact of the Internet on information dissemination

Chapter 5: Learning in each other's classrooms

Chapter 6: Handling media crises

Download the whole publication (PDF)