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Regular Programme of Technical Cooperation SUSTAINABLE ENERGY


Subprogramme: Sustainable Energy

Energy efficiency in Kazakhstan

The general objective of our programme in Central Asia is to accelerate energy-efficient development and to reduce the power intensity of GDP by creating administrative, legal, economic and technical conditions for using energy resources efficiently and increasing power safety in that region.

UNECE has estimated, for instance, that Kazakhstans potential for energy saving is 60 per cent of the total potential of all the Central Asian countries together. UNECE helped set up Kazakhstans first National Energy Efficiency Centre in 2008. The Centre is also a symbol of the growing awareness and commitment to energy efficiency in that region. It gathers together academics, politicians and practitioners, offering them a forum for exchanging ideas and expertise.

The Centre focuses on technical analysis and energy audits, legislation, and the creation of energy-efficiency markets. It also identifies investment project priorities, raises awareness about the need for energy efficiency and energy saving, and promotes regional and international cooperation. It advocates for the money saved from energy efficiency improvements to be used on research and further energy efficiency investment. UNECE aims to extend the network of Energy Efficiency Centres into neighbouring Central Asian countries.