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UNECE Regional Advisers

The UNECE Regional Advisers work on the following six priority areas identified by UNECE member States:, Environment, TransportStatisticsEconomic Cooperation and Integration, Sustainable Energy, and Trade.

Activities of the UNECE Regional Advisers, who are experts in their respective fields, are focused on achieving the following main objectives:

  • to increase knowledge of internationally recognised standards/best practices in countries of Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia, and South-East Europe and to improve their national capacities to implement the UNECE legally binding instruments and other regional standards;
  • to strengthen the ability of countries with economies in transition to formulate and implement policies aimed at the achievement of internationally agreed development goals in the UNECE region;
  • to assist countries with economies in transition in finding solutions to cross-border problems through improving transboundary cooperation.

UNECE Regional Advisers provide short-term advisory services and expertise to assist countries with economies in transition in their implementation of UNECE legal instruments, norms and standards. Apart from advisory services, they also participate in the organization of national capacity-building activities and the implementation of other specific technical cooperation projects.

Furthermore, the Regional Advisers assist countries to formulate development projects/proposals and are active in fund-raising. Their activities facilitate the sharing of experience and good practices among the UNECE membership. On their missions to member States and UNDP offices, they provide insights on the activities of the UNECE, including in the other UNECE areas of work. In addition, wherever possible, they identify cross-sectoral synergies and engage in technical cooperation activities of a cross-sectoral nature. 

As UNECE does not have country offices, its Regional Advisers play an important role in establishing cooperative ties with national, regional and international organizations active in the fields of concern to the Commission. They also channel country requests for assistance to the UNECE secretariat. Some of the Regional Advisers serve as UNECE focal points on sub-regional country groupings and initiatives.