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Examples of SEA practices

Resource Manual to Support Application of the Protocol on SEA

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Document TitleENG
Good Practice SEAs, December 2005 list, compiled by Levett-Therivel sustainaibilty consultants (website link : click on 'Strategic environmental assessment') - mainly, though not exclusively, from the United Kingdom - some are linked below. PDF
- Good Practice SEAs, November 2006 list PDF
Recommended SEAs / sustainability appraisals 2007, compiled by Levett-Therivel sustainaibilty consultants ENG 
Danish review of 97 SEA case studies due in April 2007 -  
Final Report of the Pilot Strategic Environmental Assessment on the Montenegro Draft National Spatial Plan (no figures), prepared for the Ministry for Tourism and the Environment, Government of the Republic of Montenegro, and the World Bank, by Land Use Consultants with support from EXPEDITIO Centre for Sustainable Spatial Planning, December 2006. See also UNDP information . PDF
Draft Strategic Environmental Assessment Report of the Montenegro Draft Energy Strategy (1.3 Mbyte), prepared for UNDP Montenegro and the Government of Montenegro by Land Use Consultants, August 2007. See also UNDP information . PDF
- Presentation also available. PDF
Environmental report prepared in accordance with the SEA Directive of the Objective 3 programme territorial cross-border cooperation, Austria - Czech Republic, 2007-2013 (January 2007), illustrating transboundary SEA PDF
SEA for the draft Wales Transport Strategy , consultation (2007) - documentation in English and Welsh; illustrating good scoping ENG 
SEA of Scottish Marine Renewable Energy (2007), illustrating good consultation ENG 
Czech case study, illustrating consideration of health: Operational programme for enterprise and innovation 2007-2013 (2006) PDF
Final Sustainability Appraisal Report of Core Strategy Development Plan, Bracknell Forest Borough Council (UK) (December 2006), illustrating good integration ENG 
Aberdeenshire Council (Scotland) Draft Local Transport Strategy 2006 – 2009 (2006), illustrating good links to planning ENG 
Spanish Strategic Infrastructures and Transport Plan 2005-2020, Ministry of Public Works & Transport (2006) - documentation in English and Spanish -  
Buckinghamshire (UK) Provisional Local Transport Plan 2006-2011, SEA Report (August 2005), illustrating good use of GIS and good presentation ENG 
Wiltshire County Council (UK) Local Transport Plan No. 2, 2006/07 – 2010/11, SEA Statement (2006), illustrating how SEA taken into account ENG 
SEA Report on the Rural Development Plan for Wales 2007-2013 , consultation (2006) - documentation in English and Welsh; illustrating good assessment ENG 
SEA Scoping for West Sussex (UK) Local Transport Plan (2004), example of good scoping PDF
Examples from Hong Kong, including landfill/waste disposal, transport, land-use planning, railways ENG 
SEA Case studies, 1997, European Commission  (DG Environment ) ENG 
SEA Pilot study in Turkey ENG 

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