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Resource Manual to Support Application of the Protocol on SEA

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European Union Member States

Information based on Strategic Environmental Assessment in the 25 EU member states - a July 2006 update by Thomas Fischer, with more recent additions and corrections.  
Austria: Guidance on how to conduct SEA within local land-use planning, Lower Austria
Belgium: Guidance on how to do SEA, Flemish Environment MinistryFlemish 
Cyprus: Booklet, Environment Service
Czech Republic: Strategic Environmental Assessment of Regional Development Concepts: Methodology (unofficial translation into English) - Ministry of the Environment PDF
Denmark: Guidance for all plans and programmes, June 2006  
Finland: Public participation and impact assessment in regional land use planning (2000); Shoreline land use planning (2005); Biodiversity impact assessment in regional planning, EIA and Natura 2000 assessment (2003); Social impact assessment in land use planning (2005); Assessment of the impacts of hypermarkets and shopping centres in land use planning (2001)  
France: Guidelines (“Circulaire”) relating to spatial planning, Ministry in charge of Town & Country Planning (6 March 2006); Circulaire relating to other plans and programmes, Ministry in charge of Environment (12 April 2006); sectoral guideline for land use plans at an intermediate level (DTA) for waste management; sectoral guidelines for water management under preparation; Guidelines at the regional level for land use plans in several regions (mid-2006)  
Germany: Guidance on how to adapt the Federal Construction Act with new EU Directives  
- Recommendations of the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Protection and Nuclear Safety of 2 August 2004 for direct implementation of the SEA Directive through the Laender  
- The Environmental Report in Practice, Bavarian Ministry of the Environment, Health and Consumer Protection, covering statutory local land use plans and master plans
- Preliminary guidelines for preparing the environmental report, by the Bavarian Government, Ministries of the Interior and of the Environment  
Ghana: A simple guide to SEA, Central Environmental AuthorityPDF
Hungary: Methodological Questions of the Socio-economic and Environmental Impact assessments associated with Regional Development Programmes, Hungarian Agency for Regional Development & Country Planning, Budapest (2003); Strategic Environmental Assessment, Hungarian Association of Nature Conservation, Budapest (2003)   
Ireland: Implementation of SEA Directive (2001/42/EC): Assessment of the Effects of Certain Plans and Programmes on the Environment- Guidelines for Regional Authorities and Planning Authorities, Department of the Environment, Heritage & Local Government, Government of Ireland , Dublin (2004)PDF
Italy: Guidelines developed on the basis of the ENPLAN projectItalian 
Lithuania: Manual for SEA (2006, forthcoming)http://www.am.lt/VI/index.php
Malta: SEA guidance due April 2007.  
Netherlands: "Points of interest" concerning the application of the SEA Directive (2001/42/EC), Ministry of Housing, Spatial Management and the Environment; Guidance for Strategic Environmental Assessment, drafted by Arcadis, The Hague for the Ministry of Transport, Water Management and Public Works (2006, forthcoming); Plan EA within the Ministry of Transport, Water Management & Public Works, EIA/Transportation Centre, Delft (2006, forthcoming)  
Poland: Methodological approach for SEA in spatial planning, Institute Rozwoju Miast, Kraków; Analysis of EIA for plans and programmes – strategic documents, Eko-Konsult, Gdańsk  
Portugal: SEA Good Practice Guide, by the Portuguese Environment Agency(English & Portuguese); Guidance on strategic impact assessment of land-use/spatial plans (regional, inter-municipal, municipal, urban plans, coastal areas plans, natural protected areas plans and water reservoir plans), National Directorate General for Land-Use Planning & Urban Development (2003)Portuguese 
Spain: The ENPLAN Guidelines, with case studies from Cataluña, Andalucía, Baleares & Murciahttp://www.carm.es/siga/europa/interreg/enplan.htm
Sweden: Guidance on detailed development plans - first, second & guidance on SEA in general (Boverket - planning, housing and contruction authority)Swedish 
United Kingdom: A Practical Guide to the SEA Directive, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister / Department for Communities & Local Government  (2005)PDF
- SEA Directive: Guidance for Planning Authorities. Practical guidance on applying European Directive 2001/42/EC ‘on the assessment of the effects of certain plans and programmes on the environment’ to land use and spatial plans, Department for Communities & Local Government (2003)PDF
- Local Development Framework Monitoring: A Good Practice Guide, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister (2005)ENG 
Scotland: Guidance on the implementation of the EC SEA Directive: Environmental Assessment of Development PlansPDF
- SEA Toolkit, including Templates (2006)ENG 

Other States

Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, China: Hong Kong Strategic Environmental Assessment ManualENG 
Lebanon: Training Manual: Strategic Environmental Assessment of Plans and Programmes in Lebanon

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