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Resource Manual to Support Application of the Protocol on SEA

Draft Final

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Document TitleENGFRE
Health and strategic environmental assessment, 2010, WHO/Euro  - WHO Regional Office for Europe ENG   ----
Dutch HIA practice/checklist for EIA and SEA (test) Dutch   ----
Environmental Health Assessment Services, Health Canada  ENG  FRE 
International Health Impact Assessment Consortium (IMPACT) (UK) ENG   ---
Health Impact Assessment (UK), London Health Commission  ENG   ---
National Institute of Health and Clinical Evidence (UK) ENG   ----
HIA Gateway (UK) - with links to many guides and other resources ENG   ---
The Merseyside Guidelines for Health Impact Assessment (2001) ENG   ---
Guide pour l'analyse du volet sanitaire des études d'impact (2000) - Institut de Veille Sanitaire (France) --- FRE 
THE PEP: the Transport, Health and Environment Pan-European Programme (UNECE & WHO/Europe) ENG RUS
United Kingdom: guidance on health in SEA (due out) ENG  ---
Health Impact Assessment, WHO  - World Health Organization ENG   ----
Health impact assessment methods and strategies, WHO/Euro  - WHO Regional Office for Europe ENG   ----
Czech case study, illustrating consideration of health: Operational programme for enterprise and innovation 2007-2013 (2006) ENG  ----
Health aspects in environmental assessment, update no. 18 to the World Bank Environmental Assessment Sourcebook (July 1997) available at the list of updates ENG   ----