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Resource Manual to Support Application of the Protocol on SEA

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Document TitleENGFRE
SEA PoliciesStrategic Environmental Assessment at the Policy Level - Recent progress, current status and future prospects, edited by Barry Sadler, 2005 PDF PDF  
- cover PDF PDF  
Integrating Environmental Considerations in Policy Formulation: Lessons from Policy-Based SEA Experience, World Bank, 2005, report number 32783 PDF ENG   
Cabinet Directive on the Environmental Assessment of Policy, Plan and Program Proposals - with Implementation Guidelines, Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency , 2000 PDF ENG  FRE 
SEA of policy in Denmark, 1996, European Commission  (DG Environment ) PDF ENG   
Denmark: Guidance on procedures for environmental assessments of bills and other Government proposals, Udgivet, April 1995 PDF PDF  
Denmark:SEA of bills and other government proposals - Examples and experience, Udgivet, December 1995 (ISBN 87-601-5867-0) PDF PDF  
Integrating Environment and Sustainable Development into energy and transport policies, a Review (2001) (11 languages), European Commission  (link to document lost) -    
Dalal-Clayton D.B. & B. Sadler (2005) Strategic Environmental Assessment: A Sourcebook and Reference Guide to International Experience. OECD, UNEP and IIED in association with Earthscan Publications (book) -    
The EC's Secretariat-General supports the Impact Assessment process aimed at structuring and supporting the development of policies in the EC PDF ENG   
- see, for example, these guidelines (revised January 2009) PDF PDF
The EC's Directorate General for Development provides Terms of Reference for Strategic Environmental Analysis for Policy (within the Environmental Integration theme) PDF ENG   
Also experience in Australia, Finland, the Netherlands (E-test and its successor), New Zealand (resource management act) and United States of America -    

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