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Resource Manual to Support Application of the Protocol on SEA

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The International Association for Impact Assessment (IAIA ) Conference on SEA, 27-30 September 2005, Prague. included a session on transboundary SEA. Presentations from the session were:

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SEA as a transboundary watershed management tool, by Merrell-Ann Phare, Centre for Indigenous Environmental Resources, Canada


Transboundary SEA (or lack of it) in decision-making on the BUK-BIJELA power plant (case study), by Maja Kostic-Mandic, Assistant Professor on Private International Law and Environmental Law, University of Montenegro, Podgorica, Serbia and Montenegro


Transboundary EIA: Iberian Experiences, by Rita Albergaria and Teresa Fidelis, Departamento de Ambiente e Ordenamento do Território, Universidade de Aveiro, Portugal


SEA in Binding Land Use Plan Procedures with Special Focus on Transboundary Consultation, by Eike Albrecht, Centre for Law and Administrative Sciences, BTU Cottbus, Germany (submitted, but not presented because of illness)


Introduction to session by Nick Bonvoisin and John Horberry


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