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Largely taken from the Appendix 9 of the OECD/DAC Good Practice Guidance on Applying SEA in Development Cooperation

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Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA). Various publications on SEA and environmental assessment are available (click on publications). These include an SEA handbook to provide guidance on implementing the federal 1999 Cabinet Directive on the Environmental Assessment of Policy, Plan and Programme Proposals (CIDA 2003). The handbook is intended for those who may be involved in the development of a policy, plan, or programme, i.e. Cabinet liaison staff, environmental specialists, programme and project analysts, and policy makers. ENG 
- Much earlier, and together with IAIA, CIDA also supported an International Study of the Effectiveness of Environmental Assessment (6MB!), Final Report, Environmental Assessment in a Changing World: Evaluating Practice to Improve Performance, Prepared by Barry Sadler, June 1996. PDF
European Union. Provides information on environmental assessment and the European SEA Directive, policies, integration, funding, resources, news and development. ENG 
- See also the various studies undertaken by the European Commission's Environment Directorate-General ENG 
- SEA Handbook for EU Cohesion Policy 2007-2013 PDF
- Handbook on environmental assessment on Regional Development Plans and EU Structural Funds programmes (1998) ENG 
- Brochure on SEA in EU in development cooperation (2017), published by Directorate-General for International Cooperation and Development Units C2 and C6 with the Environment and Climate Change Mainstreaming Facility. ENG
International Association for Impact Assessment (IAIA). ENG
- Provides information on the IAIA, conferences, activities and special projects, resources, publications and reference materials (including SEA performance criteria and key citations for EA topics), and training materials (including SEA training materials for South-East Europe and a course prepared by Maria Rosário Partidário).  
- SEA performance criteria PDF 
- IAIA FasTips ENG
Institute for Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA). The Centre for Environmental Assessment and Management at IEMA undertakes work on guidelines, training, research and projects. Website provides access to publications on EA including the EA Yearbook. ENG 
International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED). Provides downloadable papers and books on EIA, SEA and related subjects and links to www.nssd.net  for information on national sustainable development strategies. See also Dalal-Clayton D.B. & B. Sadler (2005) Strategic Environmental Assessment: A Sourcebook and Reference Guide to International Experience. OECD, UNEP and IIED in association with Earthscan Publications (book) ENG 
Netherlands Commission for Environmental Assessment. The NCEIA provides advisory services and related training activities to support the development of SEA in a country as well as advice on the terms of reference for SEA. It reviews the outcome, and gives coaching on SEA processes and the development of SEA systems. When applied, SEA is undertaken in the framework of the national context. The NCEIA is developing an SEA database which will provide a broad array of easily accessible information. ENG 
Netherlands Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment  
- undertook a study on Environmental Assessments of Strategic Decisions and Project Decisions: Interactions and Benefits (1999) PDF
OECD DAC Task Team website. The dedicated website of the OECD DAC Task Team on SEA - part of ENVIRONMENT's work programme to provide Task Team Members and other practitioners with the opportunity to engage in dialogue, to exchange experiences, and to share relevant resources. Give information on working groups, resources, tools, biographies and includes provision for on-line discussions. ENG 
Regional Environment Centre for Central and Eastern Europe (REC). The REC provides services for national SEA capacity-building and assists in implementation of pilot SEAs in countries in Central and Eastern Europe. REC facilitated elaboration of the Capacity Development Manual for the UNECE SEA Protocol and of the SEA Handbook for the EU Cohesion Policy in 2007-2013. ENG 
Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida). Sida has published guidelines for SEA in the context of country strategies and sector programmes. These emphasise key links between poverty, the environment and sustainable development. ENG 
- Sida's SEA Helpdesk (Environmental Economics Unit, University of Gothenberg) ENG 
- Sida's EIA Helpdesk (Swedish EIA Centre, SLU/Uppsala) ENG 
Transport Research Laboratory, UK. The SEA Information Service website, supported by the Centre for Sustainability at TRL provides a gateway to information on Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) and Sustainability Appraisal (SA). ENG 
UNECE. Information on EIA and SEA in the context of the Espoo Convention of Environmental Impact assessment in a Transboundary Context and its Protocol on SEA. ENG
UNEP. UNEP has developed a second version of its EIA training resource manual as a focus for capacity-building. This incorporates a module on SEA (Sadler and McCabe, 2002). UNEP has also issued guidance on EIA and SEA good practice (Abaza et al., 2004). ENG 
UN University. 'Open educational resource': SEA Course developed for the UN University, describing range of SEA-tools and providing case materials and other valuable information. ENG 
World Bank. Provides in formation on: SEA structured learning programme; understanding SEA; SEA guidance, general reference documents, and country and sector specific documents; external SEA links; news and events; and questions and requests. ENG 
- Shortcut to SEA learning programme ENG 
- Also provides information on country environmental assessment as one of the key country-level diagnostic tools designed to enhance the World Bank's knowledge of the environmental aspects of client countries' development and their environmental management framework, capacity, and performance. ENG 
- See also the Environmental Assessment Sourcebook, Operational Policy 4.01, Bank Policy 4.01 ENG 
- other guidance / publications ENG 

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