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Resource Manual to Support Application of the Protocol on SEA

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Elvis W.K. AU; LAM Kin Che; ZHU Tan and Maria PARTIDARIO. eds (June 2008) International Experience on Strategic Environmental Assessment (3.5 Mbytes)    
Dalal-Clayton D.B. & B. Sadler (2005) Strategic Environmental Assessment: A Sourcebook and Reference Guide to International Experience. OECD, UNEP and IIED in association with Earthscan Publications (book)      
UNDP /REC  Brochure on the Benefits of SEA ENG RUS
Sadler B. & R. Verheem (1996). Strategic Environmental Assessment: Status, Challenges and Future Directions. Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment, The Netherlands (book)      
Therivel R. (2004) Strategic Environmental Assessment in Action, Earthscan, London (book)      
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Therivel R., E. Wilson, S. Thompson, D. Heaney & D. Pritchard (1992) Strategic Environmental Assessment, Earthscan, London (book)      

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