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Working Party on the Transport of Dangerous Goods (WP.15)
WP.15 Working documents year 2000
TRANS/WP.15/2000/18 - (UK) CLASS 1 - Requirements for Convoys and Places of Loading and Unloading
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TRANS/WP.15/2000/17 - (UK) Supervision of Vehicles
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TRANS/WP.15/2000/16 - (CEFIC) Amendment to Article ADR
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TRANS/WP.15/2000/15 - (Italy) Chapter 9.1 - Scope, Definitions and Classifications and Requirements for the Approval of the ADR Vehicles. Chapter 9.2 - Requirements Concerning the Construction of Vehicles
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TRANS/WP.15/2000/14 - (Germany) Amendments to the provisions for the transport of class 9 substances in closed or covered vehicles
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TRANS/WP.15/2000/13 - (Spain) Notification in accordance with marginal 10 599 of ADR (Only offset)
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TRANS/WP.15/2000/12 - (AEGPL) Proposals to Align Two Parts of ADR Covering the Fitting of Safety Valves to Pressurised Tanks/tankers Safety Valves - Marginals 211 233 and 212 233
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TRANS/WP.15/2000/11/Rev.1 - (Germany) Revision
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TRANS/WP.15/2000/11 - (Germany) Storage of packages containing substances of classes 4.1 and 5.2 of ADR amendments to ADR marginals 41 414 (2) and 52 403 (1)
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TRANS/WP.15/2000/10 - (Germany) Annexes A and B of ADR - Adequate Equivalence Minimum Wall Thickness Formula ADR marginal 21x 127 (3) and (4)
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TRANS/WP.15/2000/9 - (Germany) Annexes A and B of ADR - Introduction of Alternative Arrangements in Connection with Protection against Damage ADR Marginals 21x 100 and 21x 127 (5)
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TRANS/WP.15/2000/8 - (Germany/Spain) Annexes A and B of ADR - Marking - ADR Marginal 10 500
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TRANS/WP.15/2000/7 - (Spain) Proposition de nouveaux marginaux 211 180 et 211 181 (Mesures transitoires)
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TRANS/WP.15/2000/6 - (Germany) Annexes A and B of ADR - Transport document, marginal 2002 (3)(a)
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TRANS/WP.15/2000/5 - (Germany) Annexes A and B of ADR - Fire-fighting appliances (ADR marginal 10 240 / para. 8.1.3)
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TRANS/WP.15/2000/4 - (Germany) Annexes A and B of ADR: Tank-vehicles. Report of the informal Working Group on tank-vehicles
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TRANS/WP.15/2000/3 - (Russian Federation) Marginal 10 599 ADR - Additional Restrictions On the Carriage of Dangerous Goods
TRANS/WP.15/2000/2 - (Secretariat) Agreements concluded under marginals 2010 (Annex A) and 10 602 (Annex B) - Up-to-date list as at 1 February 2000
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TRANS/WP.15/2000/1 - (Secretariat) Competent authorities for the purpose of the application of ADR including for the application of marginals 2010 (Annex A) and 10 602 (Annex B) and 220 900 (Annex B) and competent authorities for the carriage of dangerous goods by road in countries which are not Contracting Parties to ADR
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