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Seventy-eighth session of the ECE Committee on Forests and the Forest Industry

4 - 6 November 2020

Meeting room: Tempus 2

Room: Tempus 2 and online

Languages: English, French and Russian

The 78th session of the ECE Committee on Forests and the Forest Industry (COFFI) was held from 4 to 6 November 2020. This year's session focused on "Forests in a Decade of Action", providing experts, policy-makers, business leaders as well as national delegates an opportunity to engage on discussion about building back better through forest landscape restoration, urban forestry and accelerated implementation of other nature-based solutions for the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Find the detailed programme of the session in English and Russian.

Registrations have closed.

Online Participation Instructions

Instructions on how to connect to the meeting online were sent to registered participants on 3 November.

The meeting took place via the Interprefy platform. Please consult the user guide in English, French, and Russian.


Doc No.Official DocumentsENFRRU

Provisional Annotated Agenda



Report of the session

Unedited report as adopted on 6 Nov 2020


Draft Strategy for landscape restoration and greening the infrastructure of the Caucasus and Central Asia



Draft Forest Products Market Statement

2020 Country Market Statements
Forecasts 2020-2021 and Committee Market Statement


Review of 2020 activities, and activities planned for 2021



Draft Programme of Work of the Forests and Forest Industry subprogramme for 2021



Strategic Review: elements for a new programme of work 2022-2025



Reporting on Sustainable Forest Management in the Caucasus and Central Asia



Supporting UNECE member States in building capacity on urban forestry



Forest Resources Assessment 2020 Key Findings: Conditions and significance of forests in the Economic Commission for Europe region


Information Documents

List of Documents



Forest Landscape Restoration in Eastern and South-East Europe



Report on the Legally Binding Agreement on Forests in Europe process


Please refer to ECE/EX/2020/L3 and ECE/EX/2020/L4


Strategic Review survey results



The detailed programme of COFFI 2020 can be accessed in English and Russian.


The following panel sessions took place:


DateTime (in CET)TopicConcept note
4 November11:20-13:00 Forest landscape restorationPDF
4 November15:45-17:00Building back better with forestsPDF
5 November11:00-13:00Market DiscussionPDF
6 November11:30-12:15Reporting on Sustainable Forest Management in the Caucasus and Central AsiaPDF
6 November12:15-13:00Global Forest Resources Assessment 2020 and the pan-European reporting on forests and sustainable forest management process 2020PDF




Important information on COVID-19 measures for meetings at the Palais des Nations:

  • Given the new measures introduced by the Geneva authorities, in-person participation is extremely limited and we invite delegates to connect online. Should you wish to participate in-person, please contact the Secretariat to make sure the number of participants does not exceed the requested capacity.
  • All meeting participants (even those who hold UNOG ground entry passes) must register to this event via Indico (link below).
  • Any person who has flu- or cold-like symptoms or is awaiting a COVID-19 PCR test result must not come to the UN premises.
  • All persons physically present inside and around conference rooms must wear a face covering mask. Masks are also required in catering and retail outlets on the premises, and are strongly encouraged in other communal areas.
  • Important hygiene measures such as regular hand washing, cough/sneeze etiquette and keeping safe distances must be respected.

Information about safety measures in the Palais des Nations can be found here.

On-line registration

Registration has closed. Please contact the Secretariat in case of last minute registrations.

Online participants - Instructions

Instructions on how to connect to the meeting online will be sent to registered participants in advance.

The meeting will take place via the Interprefy platform. Please consult the user guide in English, French, and Russian.

In-person participants - Instructions

Requirements for participants attending in person

Please check all requirements regarding medical and other relevant insurance prior to the travel. Please be informed that any medical, quarantine or other possible expenses will be borne by your Organisation and/or insurance, as the United Nations do not take any responsibility for possible consequences of the present COVID-19 situation.

Find the location of the meeting room at the Palais des Nations in this map.

Practical information about your arrival can be found here.

During the session, a first draft of the Integrated Programme of Work 2022-2025 (new IPoW) along with key findings from the Strategic Review survey and outcomes of a recent informal consultation were presented to member States for their consideration.

During its 42nd session, in March 2021, members of the Joint Working Party will be able provide guidance and recommendations on the second draft of the new IPoW. During the Joint COFFI/EFC session in November 2021, the final draft of the new IPoW will be available for consideration and approval.

For more information about the informal discussion on the key findings of a survey for the Strategic Review, visit the meeting website.


Presentations of the 2020 Committee on Forests and the Forest Industry meeting

ItemTitle PresenterDownload
2aKeynote presentationMr. Abduvokhid ZakhadullaevPDF
3bReport of the 25th Session of the FAO Committee on ForestryMr. Ewald RametsteinerPDF
3cRegional Forum on Sustainable Development for the ECE Region 2020Ms. Monika LinnPDF
3dHigh Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development 2020Mr. Gianluca SambuciniPDF
3eReport of the ECE Executive Committee meeting on the possible Legally Binding Agreement on Forests in Europe processMr. Gianluca SambuciniPDF
3Building back better with ForestsMs. Carina HakanssonPDF
3Building back better with forests - the European Woodworking IndustriesMs. Silvia MelegariPDF
3Private Forest Owners and Private Forest Owner OrganizationsMr. Brett ButlerPDF
4Current bark beetle outbreaks in central Europe: causes, impacts and future developmentsMr. Tomáš HlásnyPDF
4The central European spruce bark beetle epidemic: British Columbia's redux?Mr. Paul JannkePDF
4France Douglas:une filière émergente à l'écoute des marchésMs. Sabrina PedronoPDF
42020 forest fires in the United States: burnt wood is not the only challengeMr. Reginald FayPDF
5The Strategic Review ProcessMr. Gianluca SambuciniPDF
6aReview of 2020 activities and activities planned for 2021Mr. Gianluca SambuciniPDF
6bDraft Programme of Work of the Forests and Forest Industry subprogramme for 2021Mr. Gianluca SambuciniPDF
6cCriteria and Indicators for Sustainable Forest ManagementMr. Roman MichalakPDF
6cOutcomes of the UNDA project and next steps ArmeniaMs. Yeva DanyelyanPDF
6cOutcomes of the UNDA project and next steps GeorgiaMr. Carl Amirgulashvili


PDF of the Forest Code

6cOutcomes of the UNDA project and next steps KazakhstanMr. Kairat EgezhanovPDF
6cOutcomes of the UNDA project and next steps KyrgyzstanMs. Siuzanna SeideevaPDF
6cOutcomes of the UNDA project and next steps UzbekistanMr. Abudvokhid ZakhadullaevPDF
6dGlobal Forest Resources Assessment 2020: Key findings - Global and Economic Commission for Europe trends

Mr. Anssi Pekkarinen

Mr. Roman Michalak

6dState of Europe's Forests 2020 Key FindingsMr. Rastislav RašiPDF
6dMeans for storage and dissemination of the information collected through three organizationsMr. Roman MichalakPDF
7Evaluation plan for 2022Mr. Gianluca SambuciniPDF